Noninvasive Blood Glucose Measurement IP

The Consumer Sentinel IP is patented technology, with proof of concept work completed, for consumer noninvasive blood glucose monitors. The self-monitoring blood glucose device and disposables market is currently in excess of $12B worldwide. The U.S. accounts for 40 percent of this device market.

Confirmation of improvements in design for the Consumer Sentinel IP provides long-demanded solutions for challenges to diabetic blood sugar management. Solutions, such as ours, that improve self-monitoring and management compliance can significantly reduce the direct and indirect costs of diabetes. Published studies calculated savings in excess of $4B for every 1% improvement in compliance. This core technology is already proven and validated in multiple human studies.

The Consumer Sentinel IP is a non-invasive, needle-free, measurement technology designed and developed for incorporation into monitors that can be used as often as required to properly manage blood sugar. Our IP is painless and does not require sticking fingers or pricking alternative sites for calibration. Additional expense for disposable test strips, lancets, sensors, and other costly supplies/accessories are not required with our IP.

The graphic above provides an illustration of the Company’s expected licensing and royalty revenue from the Consumer Sentinel IP over the next several years of its operations. This IP is expected to provide 48% of the Company’s total combined revenues over the next five years.

Very achievable penetration into the diabetic self-monitoring market with our disruptive noninvasive measurement technology will create tangible value for AMSI and empower the lives of countless diabetics worldwide.

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