About Us

Accurate Medical Systems, Inc., is an applied research and development company focused on the creation, development and commercialization of medical technologies. The current portfolio of technologies forming the foundation of the Company’s intellectual property (“IP”) includes, but is not limited to copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets, instrumentation, software programming and technical “know how” for several medical device applications primarily targeting market segments in consumer and clinical diabetes care, general patient care, and pharmaceuticals.

The ongoing improvements, validation, and development of the IP are expected to be facilitated and expedited by the active engagement and participation of the principal scientists and inventors of the core in-licensed technologies. The Company’s development team includes, Thomas L. Tucker, President and Alan J. Leszinske, CTO, as well as other scientists, engineers, administrative support staff, marketing, sales and business professionals who have been identified to expand and broaden its skill sets.  For more information click here.

The Company’s IP portfolio includes technologies in varying stages of development. The majority, with many years of applied research and development, demonstrated very positive results in human case studies and will be ready for commercialization in the relative near term. All provide innovative and cost effective solutions for well-known and recognized unmet problems in their respective markets. 

The Company’s primary business model is creating business relationships for the commercialization of its IP. Accurate Medical Systems is investigating a variety of business relationships including but not limited to, licensing, joint venture, partnerships, merger and/or acquisition.

The Company’s structure provides high flexibility, and AMSI continues to investigate a variety of monetization strategies including partnering, joint venture, licensing, merger and/or acquisition. The Company will keep itself positioned to capitalize on the strategy or strategies that provide the greatest potential value for all participants in an evolving marketplace.


Business Model