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User-Friendly Blood Glucose Test Strip Dispenser IP

The strip dispenser technology has been advanced to functional prototype. The designs provide a dispenser that facilitates diabetic testing compliance. The market for user convenience devices is an emerging market that is valued in the many hundreds of millions of dollars and growing explosively. The identified market for this technology is valued at approximately $2.5B.   

Designed by a diabetic for diabetics, the AMSI Test Strip Dispenser is a solution to the inconvenience and frustration experienced by diabetics when handling testing strips. The convenience of loading and removing test strips from the glucometer without having to touch the strips has long been demanded by consumer diabetics.   

The addressable markets for the IP will create tangible value for the Company and can significantly reduce the direct and indirect costs of diabetes through improved blood sugar testing and management compliance.

Completed prototypes and consumer design validation make the dispenser IP a very near term opportunity for revenue generation as illustrated in the graphic above. This IP is expected to provide 7% of the Company’s total combined revenues over the next five years.  

AMSI is exploring the profitability of manufacturing and distributing the dispenser internally as opposed to commercializing the IP through partners. Further research into the economic viability of this strategy is being conducted.

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