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Automated Inpatient Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring IP

The Company is refining an electrochemistry-based automated blood glucose monitoring technology for use in hospital general ward populations. Between 25-40% of total admissions, both diabetics and non-diabetics, in these wards experience blood sugar complications (glycemic complications). More than 30 million patients are admitted to regular hospital beds in the U.S. annually. The rapidly growing global market for inpatient blood glucose monitoring technologies is approaching $5B worldwide. The U.S. accounts for 40% of this market, which is demanding innovative technologies for lowering costs and improving patient outcomes. 

The automated cCGMS provides a more accurate, reliable, and real-time blood glucose monitoring system at the patient’s bedside. The fundamental measurement technology already demonstrated accuracy meeting and exceeding current regulatory specifications in human studies. Our cost effective solution will empower healthcare providers with accurate and timely data for more appropriate blood sugar management. The benefits of improved management and control include reducing infections and intensive care utilization by as much as 50% and cost savings in the billions of dollars annually.

The graphic above provides an illustration of the Company’s expected licensing and royalty revenue from the automated clinical inpatient blood glucose monitoring IP over the next several years of its operations. This IP is expected to provide 15% of the Company’s total combined revenues over the next five years.


With nearly a decade of design, development and testing this IP provides a very near term commercialization opportunity for the Company. Potential commercialization partners have expressed interest in this IP in early conversations.

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